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Meredith Shock is a singer/songwriter and DC native currently living in Nashville, TN. Music has been a part of Meredith’s life since she was a kid- singing as soon as she could talk; writing songs and playing guitar since she was nine. Her voice is influenced by the country music she grew up listening to, but her music itself spans between the genres of Indie, Pop, and Americana. 

As an LGBTQ+ artist, she knows it is important not to hide the fact that she is singing about women. "There’s not enough LBGTQ+ representation in music and media and it’s important for me to challenge that. If even just one person hears my music, can relate to it, and feels represented by the lyrics, I’ll know what I’m doing is important." Shock states. 

Photos by 412 Ink and Alexandra Upadhyaya

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